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My Copy Writer

Do you suffer from Business Owner's Simultanagnosia?

This condition literally means not seeing the forest for the tree's.

Is this you?

  • totally immersed in your business
  • believe that no-one knows your business the way you know it
  • totally focused on keeping the business profitable and relevant

This can make it hard for you to be creative
And think outside the square because
You only see the business and not the whole marketplace

Solution: Fresh Eyes and Fresh Ideas.

Imagine having your very own business wordsmith who can describe your product or service so that it is endowed with energy, personal relevancy for your customers and hard driving benefits.

4 Superpowers For Your Business.

  • Web copy that screams exciting possibilities, personal relevancy and trustworthiness
  • Direct marketing copy that compels the customer to pick up the phone
  • A company press release that grabs the attention of hardened editors.
  • Blog posts that pitch you and your business into the hearts and minds of your customers.

"Dressed to Kill" phraseology has never been more important in today's competitive workplace. Wherever the message of your product is pitched, every single word must be working its butt off. Your customer must be convinced, trust you and want what you have.

My Copywriter.
Sheenagh Maguire
Mobile: 0419 975 011
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