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“Whoever said sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, was obviously hearing impaired ”
Maguire of My Copywriter.com.au
Sheenagh ( pronounced Sheena) Maguire of my copywriter.com is a lover of words, clever phrases, and expressions that behave like a series of small personal surprises.
Armed with a eight year background in freelance writing, journalism, and media liaison, her quirky perspective and solid ability to get clever with words has proved invaluable for the marketing of products and individuals in small business and charitable organizations.

She has acquired a strong reputation for reliable and personalised client service.

For words and messages that
  • inform , and arouse interest
  • that sell your achievements and personal style
  • Keep up with the shift in selling language
  • Grab people’s attention
  • Persuade customers to act
  • Enhance your image
  • Are sincere and show results
Call Sheenagh at My Copywriter.com.au
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