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What can a copywriter do for my business?

Implement a microscopic examination of how your product or service can speak intimately to your customer.

Pinpoint the most life-changing components of a product or service.

Hunt and gather those words and phrases which will persuade your customer that you have what it takes to solve their problem or need.

Shout from the rooftops all the benefits rather than a shopping list of products.
But you donít know me or my industry.

True enough, but with my F.F.F.Q.T (fast fact finding questioning technique} combined with an infatuated approach to researching your product and business, familiarity will occur in no time.
What type of industries have used you?

Automotive , Real Estate, , Charitable institutions , Commercial real estate, , Engineering, Construction , Web design, Social Networking, Home and Garden Reality TV, Horticulture, Holistic Health.

What Companies have you worked for?

Coldwell Banker Commercial, Coldwell Banker Residential Toyota, St Vincent De Paul, Webtech , NavSports, MD Consulting , Smith and Osbourne, , Sheenal, Pie town productions, Caterina Rosa Spiritual Healing, Standard Scales and Services.

Why should i use you rather than other copywriters on the web?

Because I am O.C (obsessive compulsive) about doing it right

I know what works.

I will be immersed in the culture of your business as I only take one project at a time

and so your business becomes my total focus from start to finish.
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