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  • Testimonials or References
    A professional statement that about your employee’s personality traits, work duties and their work performance. Or a statement about the benefits of a product or service.
  • Sales Letters
    Promotional writing that highlights features , benefits and the competitive difference of your product or service.
Sales Letters
  • Press Releases
    A newsworthy packaging of a company announcement or a product launch designed to get attention from local or national media.
Press Releases
  • Web Copy
    Words for your website that not only inform and generate customers, but also identifies with the type of customer your product or service attracts. Your website will contain words that are search engine optimized so that customers land on your website while searching.
Web Copy
  • Polishing and Tweaking of Current Copy
    The words on your website may need a revamp if they were compiled some time ago or if it is not attracting the amount of customers you predicted.
  • Speech Writing
    Whether its to entertain , inform or educate, your speech will be designed to attract your audiences immediate attention, continue with an engrossing theme and climax to a point where it leaves people with something to think about.
Speech Writing
  • Business letters
    This type of writing covers job applications, letters of resignations , employee reprimands or a justification for a salary increase.
Business Letters
  • Personal profiles
    This can be a introduction to you and your history on a C.V or a personal description of each member of staff on a website or company publication.
Personal Profile
  • Fact sheets
    This gives a condensed description of a company’s business and area of expertise. It is used for consumers and company media releases.
Fact Sheet
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